Learn More About Cleaning

Cleaning hard surfaces doesn’t have to be about foam to be effective. It’s all about removing the soils from where you don’t want them, and delivering them to a waste stream – like your laundry [sustainable] or garbage [non-sustainable].

Traditional cleaning chemistry has always been about making dirt stick to water by means of an ingredient called “surfactants“. Unfortunately, surfactants have a tendency to leave soil-attracting residues. Good cleaning products, coupled with good cleaning tools, don’t require much, if any, surfactants.

Learn More About Disinfection

Sanitizing means to reduce the germs present on a surface, disinfecting means to essentially eliminate the germs on the surface. But, not all bacteria are germs.

99% of all of the bacteria in the world are good and beneficial to our very existence and necessary to our metabolism. Plus, the reduction of germs, rather than the total elimination aids us in building a good, defensive immune system.

We want to help you to employ the best practices possible in cleaning and disinfection to that you and your family have the best chances of staying healthy.


It all comes down to the cleaning.

Disinfection may kill the germs, but does little to nothing to remove them, and quats and phenolics only attract more germs to sticky surfaces.

Yes, it all comes down to the cleaning.

To us, achieving a place where you are regularly and consistently reducing the germ load through cleaning, and disinfecting only in response to infection is the best definition of…